The EM Advisors are a select group of CEOs who bring their skills and experiences to our group.


Working with an EM Advisor brings three unique advantages:

What they learn:

They work with a variety of leaders working to grow their organizations in measurable ways, gaining valuable insights along the way, adding those their own CEO experience, and applying those insights to other client interactions.

What they share:

The EM Advisors value and encourage knowledge and insight sharing among its CEO Advisors. Our quarterly Advisor Insight sessions, monthly live conference calls, and access to an Advisor Success Portal 24/7 means that each Advisor is part of a community – increasing value to our clients.

How they are supported:

EM Advisors are certified in our proprietary process and are provided the tools and ongoing training and support required to remain current and provide the best counsel. More than facilitators, coaches, or implementers, our Trusted Advisors work directly with C-Level clients offering guidance and value over the long term.

Rom LaPointe works with organizations seeking authentic guidance from a trusted source, true leadership team engagement, and progress toward common goals.

Jim Alampi founded The Execution Maximizer in 2000 and has recently turned the reins over to Rom LaPointe to take the organization to the next level. Jim will continue to assist CEOs and companies in developing business strategies, executing that vision, improving leadership practices and achieving better business results. He will also continue to speak to numerous Vistage groups globally.

John Howman provides strategic planning, executive coaching, and interim management to CEOs and executive leadership teams.

Luis Urrutia works with clients to manage change, strategic deployment, and execution.

Jeffrey Kimball helps leaders of small and medium sized businesses boil down seemingly complex issues into actionable business growth strategies.

Dave Palmer has spent his career starting and growing companies where CEO leadership was critical to overall performance.

Cheryl Lauer utilizes her cumulative knowledge, experiences, skills and resources to help businesses develop cohesive and engaged leadership teams who consistently execute on strategic plans and reach new heights of success.

Jerry Folz understands that the small to medium business owner wants to grow their company profitably. As an EM Advisor, Vistage Chair, and Executive Coach, he has the tools and personality to help you achieve success as an owner and as a person. Six of his current clients made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies.

Jill Zoromski has a strong HR consulting background, providing customized and practical solutions for clients.

John Ninkovich focuses on building teams that align with the strategic needs of his clients. John integrates EM tools and processes to improve client results through better execution.