Client Success Stories

EM brings positive impact to our clients.

The Execution Maximizer process and the subsequent “Roadmap” that Jim led us to develop has quickly become a vital piece of our company’s daily operation and culture. The team at large is energized by its content, focus and – most of all – its #1 intent: driving results! No one has a problem being held accountable to expectations… as long as it’s clear what those expectations are. Jim’s process has allowed us to do just that. Individually and collectively, everyone knows what they need to do and contribute in order for us to be successful, and what they must prioritize in order to help us get there. I have no doubt that with the new process, supported by Jim’s council and expertise, we’ll not only attain our company goals, but in all likelihood exceed them.

Keith Suddaby

CEO, Workrite

We are a 105 year old company and never have established core values, a mission statement or defined our purpose. Jim Alampi’s The Execution Roadmap made it feasible and paved the way for our company to establish those key items for a company’s foundation. We have never felt more passionate about our core values, mission statement and purpose. It was a great team building exercise for our company. Thank you Jim for making this feasible.

Jill Duemeland

President, Duemelands Commercial

Since starting our strategic planning process under your guidance I have seen a renewed passion and commitment to results in my team. I especially value the focus you helped us bring to a few critical initiatives as opposed to trying to tackle a huge laundry list of projects. I think it is fair to say that the management team was universally pleased with the way you conducted the meeting and the practical perspective you brought from your many years as a top executive. This is something most traditional “strategy consultants” simply don’t have.

John Vikupitz

President, Netafim

The Lockwood Companies have employed you and your firm over the last two years to help us improve our goal setting, strategic planning and execution processes. During our meetings, you have provided invaluable insight into the business issues confronting us and assisted us in reaching good decisions. With your assistance, we have consolidated three separate business units, created an Executive Team to oversee them, and established new metrics for assessment of performance. Our revenues have increased 23% over the past year and we have become profitable, even as the Michigan economy has suffered a severe downturn.

Rodney Lockwood

Chairman, CEO, and Owner, The Lockwood Companies

Our company had tried many different attempts at Strategic Planning, utilizing inside and outside facilitation resources. We had fairly good success at dreaming and brainstorming and many times created very impressive packages that conveyed all of the hard work we put into the process of Strategic Planning. These were all great plans but we had immense trouble converting these great plans into actionable results. Jim Alampi’s process is straightforward, direct and focused on the action part of the plan, which is really all that matters in business – whether or not one can successfully execute a plan. Through just more than a year’s worth of learning the process, our team has really progressed to the point where we now are aligned with our quarterly goals and have confidence in our commitment and ability to effectively execute the plan!

David F. Neyer

President and CEO, AL. Neyer, LLC

I’m not quite sure where to begin to express my appreciation for the work you have done with us. You have touched our organization at many levels: Your willingness to coach me as a new CEO and give me honest feedback and advice has been extremely valuable. We were new to the strategic planning process, and yours has helped us stay on track with our goals and work toward clarity for the organization. Pat Lencioni’s tools have helped me personally and given our team a framework for discussion so we can work through issues we have all recognized, but couldn’t quite get our arms around until now. The entire process has led me to a clearer understanding of some of our most difficult problems and has reduced my stress on the day-to-day issues tremendously. I am getting more focused on what is truly important to the organization.
Thank you for your help and your contribution to A.B. Heller. I look forward to facing other challenges together!

James Heller

CEO/Owner, A.B. Heller, Inc.

I want to thank you for facilitating our recent leadership strategy retreat. I also want to point out some of the specific, concrete benefits we have already realized because of what you and your system brought to this very important subject. Our leadership team is lights years ahead in our development as a team than we would have been without the retreat and your teachings. We are now fully aligned on the big Rocks we need to tackle as an organization. Our message, and corresponding objectives, has been cascaded down through the rest of the organization bringing clarity and tapping the energy produced through proper alignment. Your approach is very practical; there is no fluff. It is a real working session and is managed at just the right pace. From understanding the power of effective meetings to discovering our core values; from the recognizing the importance of rhythm to understanding the barriers to growth, your process has helped us identify our purpose and create a working plan for realizing our objectives. I’m thrilled to have you on our team and look forward to the upcoming quarterly sessions to continue the journey.

David T. Darragh

President & Chief Executive Officer, Reily Foods Company